San Andreas

The Resurgence

Dust off your cars and load your guns! LSRES is comming back!

Yes, you've heard that right, an all NEW LSRES is comming to you soon. I'm working very hard on rebuilding LSRES, it's being completely rewritten!

No release day has currently been set, but I hope to welcome you all in 2016.

Feature requests? Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me on the SA-MP forums: click here!

News and Updates

Hi there! Yet again it has been a while. Right after the previous message I've been very busy with rounding of my third year of school, but since my summer holidays I've been working hard on many projects I'm involved with, including LSRES. The changes made since are not very visible to users so I won't be able to show you any pictures or videos. Changes include a (near) complete rewrite of the existing code to make it more efficient and make use of the newest features added in SA-MP 0.3.7 which has recently been released. Currently, I'm working on the full vehicles system. This includes ownership, numberplates, repairing, modifying, selling, buying, fueling and anything else I might come up with. I'll do my best to keep you posted on this process, and will as soon as I have anything to show, post a picture or video.

I've pushed the opening date from "end of this year" to "2016". As I've realised I won't be able to implement all my ideas before a possible release as that might several more months I will open the server when the basic features, the foundation of the future LSRES, have been implemented. This will at the very least include robbing(shops/players), cops, jail, banks, vehicle ownership, modification and management, mechanics, medics, shops, inventories, businesses, weable items and gangs (details posted later). Surely some will be disapointed by the postponement of the opening, but I'd rather open when the game mode is something I can be proud of, rather than an abysmal, buggy exprecience.
Once again it's been a while since the last message. Just a message to show I am/will still work on this project. I haven't progressed much since the last message though. I've been quite busy with school. I'm following a Games Programming course which requires a lot of my attention. If you are interested (or bored), here is the game I talked about last time (click!) which I made over the the past few weeks with a couple of class mates. The game is very joke-y in general. The main character wants to be a 'Classic Hero' which he achieves by beating all five level. You can kill enemies by jumping on top of them. If you touch them any other way you die. The controls are as follows: Arrows to move, space to confirm, escape to close, enter/return to pause. My personal highscore is 275 points but a project buddy of mine got 336 points. You get score for picking up coins and killing. Please notice there are still a few bugs in the game and I won't bother fixing them right now. If you can sent me an email or message or the SA-MP forums if you played it. Please tell me whether were able to finish it and your score, that would be awesome! It's been a while since the last message here. Since 3 weeks I'm working on a little game for a school project. This does suck up a bunch of time, but I'm also working on LSRES in the meanwhile. Aside from fixing some vital bugs, I'm working on the (player) robbing system and improving the arresting system. Once I have something to show you I'll post another message here. I keep track of Features on Trello (click here!). Feel free to take a look. Some cards may be a bit cryptic or tech-ish but I'm sure you'll understand those that represent awesome features. If you have awesome idea or a suggestion, sent me a message on the SA-MP forums! Over the past few days, I've been working on wearable items and a basic vehicle system. Wearable items will be sellable in businesses. Vehicles will be able to be owned by a single player, but you will be able to copy a key and give them to other players (I still have to make that happen though) I've been doing some testing with shopping and inventories. These items are temporary, but you'll get the gist. A new and smooth look for the website! Thought you'd like that. Have been doing some work on the robbery system today. Take a look! Happy christmas and I hope you will have a great 2015. I'm currently working on an inventory system and the robbing system.