San Andreas

The Resurgence

Dust off your cars and load your guns! LSRES is comming back!

Yes, you've heard that right, an all NEW LSRES is comming to you soon. I'm working very hard on rebuilding LSRES, it's being completely rewritten!

No release day has currently been set, but I hope to welcome you all late this year.

Feature requests? Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me on the SA-MP forums: click here!

News and Updates

It's been a while since the last message here. Since 3 weeks I'm working on a little game for a school project. This does suck up a bunch of time, but I'm also working on LSRES in the meanwhile. Aside from fixing some vital bugs, I'm working on the (player) robbing system and improving the arresting system. Once I have something to show you I'll post another message here. I keep track of Features on Trello (click here!). Feel free to take a look. Some cards may be a bit cryptic or tech-ish but I'm sure you'll understand those that represent awesome features. If you have awesome idea or a suggestion, sent me a message on the SA-MP forums! Over the past few days, I've been working on wearable items and a basic vehicle system. Wearable items will be sellable in businesses. Vehicles will be able to be owned by a single player, but you will be able to copy a key and give them to other players (I still have to make that happen though) I've been doing some testing with shopping and inventories. These items are temporary, but you'll get the gist. A new and smooth look for the website! Thought you'd like that. Have been doing some work on the robbery system today. Take a look! Happy christmas and I hope you will have a great 2015. I'm currently working on an inventory system and the robbing system.